Our Club


  1. Club discounts to many local stores and races!
  2. Friday morning Open Water Swim, including Reef and possibly mimosa’s and coffee served!
  3. Amazing Schwag included with membership!
  4. Because we think sea lice and saddle sores are appropriate dinner conversations!
  5. Best Socials and Happy Hours in town!
  6. Where else can a broken spoke be referred to as Poor Nipple maintenance!
  7. BRT Turbo!
  8. Hanging with other people that think 10 pm is a late night on the weekend.
  9. BRT Summer Bash
  10. The Traveling Circus…enough said!

Boca Raton Triathletes mission is to promote an inclusive community that allows everyone to succeed in a supportive environment. The core of Boca Tri is to provide a family like atmosphere that is authentic, positive, welcoming community to all athletes. We are ONE group!  We have something for everyone of all ages and abilities.  

We want to train together, socialize and support other members of our community as they strive to reach their personal goals. Triathlon can be a very overwhelming sport when first starting. We hope to provide a place to find people with similar goals, from Sprint to Ironman to Ultra.  Our members are triathletes, runners, swimmers and other single sport people that just enjoy being part of this amazing team. We have members of all abilities and want to share our enthusiasm for triathlon and a healthy lifestyle with other people in our area. Karen Beech is our New Member Ambassador and she is here to help you through your beginning years in the sport (see “About us/Board” tab for contact info).

Boca Tri does not tolerate misconduct, including cheating, bullying (cyber or in person) of any format. Integrity, honesty and dedication to the club and sport are the core values to which all club members must adhere. Athletes that choose to conduct themselves in such a manner will be removed from the club at the Board’s discretion.

Boca Raton Triathletes was awarded The Women for Tri Grant four times in 5+ years in a row. This grant enabled us to run a  free 6 month program for Women new to the sport of triathlon.  The women had 25+ hands on clinics run by our amazing coaching staff. They learned everything they needed to know to toe the line of their 1st Sprint Triathlon. 

The Grants/Programs that followed allowed over 175  new women to join the sport we all love and also allowed the ladies to move up to the next distance. We were also awarded three grants from USAT to help educate our members. With that grant we were able to provide numerous free clinics to our members. In addition, we were able to provide an educational grant to one of our members to become USAT certified as a Triathlon Coach.

Click here to join the club.  Memberships include swag such as BRT Packable Backpack, BRT Packable Raincoat, BRT Transition towel, a club tech t-shirt/tank and Choice of BRT Head-sweats Visor or Trucker Hat (hats for 1st time members only) and depends on the swag for the year. 

Everyone will receive many other Sponsor Goodies/discounts in the member bags. Club dues are non-refundable. After you sign up, please remember  join the Facebook page so you get all the evites to club events and 99% of all communication about events occurs on Facebook. Training groups and other events are listed on the website under the Calendar tab. You will receive all communication from the club to the e-mail address you provide when you register with us. Day to day communications occur through Facebook so please join the page.