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Leanda Cave has partnered with a new company called PEAKERS, based out of Los Angeles, USA. PEAKERS is an AI-powered coach developed for endurance athletes by world class endurance professionals.  Peakers translates data and insights from its users’ wearables to deliver holistic and continuous coaching. It is built around training plans from endurance coaches, nutritionists, functional specialists and psychologists. PEAKERS is seeking 100 clinical trial participants to test and use their human performance APP.  The trial period is from Dec 17th 2018 to April 15th 2019. Users should be Triathletes, Runners or Cyclists who are in need of a quality coaching solution. Users will pay a discounted rate of $10 per week (usually $25 per week) during the trial period.

If the user wishes to continue using PEAKERS after the trial period, we will extend the discount for the remainder of the year.

Peakers offers: – 24/7 holistic coaching – a personalized training plan to cater for each athletes ability and race distance – daily metrics monitoring and feedback – daily monitoring by one of our analysts/coaches – nutrition and diet advice – strength,  Conditioning and recovery training – meditation and mindfulness training Athletes of all ages and abilities are welcome to apply by downloading the PEAKERS App from the Apple or Android App Store, or by emailing me directly: lc@peakers.ai. The only prerequisite is that each applicant must have a Garmin smart watch and an active Garmin Connect account. For more information, please refer to the PEAKERS website: www.Peakers.ai