Our Board

President: Kristy Breslaw

Kristy BreslawMy name is Kristy and I am one of the four founding members of BRT. I have my Psy.D in Forensic Psychology but I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to my 13 year old son.  I have been competing in triathlons with my husband Ralph since 2003 and I was addicted from the 1st one! I progressed from my first sprint on a mountain bike to Olympic. Since then I have completed 20- 70.3’s and 4 full Ironman events including one in Germany and Canada. I love training and racing but the thing I like best about this sport is the people.  I love sharing my passion for racing and training with others and to me is what makes this sport and this club so amazing. One of the best things about this club is going to races both local and out of Florida with other members and have people cheering, just because you are wearing BRT gear. We hope you will share our love for triathlons and the club. I think of BRT as family and hope that we can make you all feel the same. I am happy to answer any e-mails regarding the club, just contact me by clicking on my name.

Vice President: Donnie Pingaro


Donnie Pingaro grew up in the Hudson Valley and lettered in X-Country, Basketball and Tennis in High School. In 1990 he moved to S Florida to attend the University of Miami business school and graduate with an MBA in 1992. His career transitioned into real estate on Fisher Island in 1994 and is now the broker-owner of the Island Insiders. Always a runner, in 2000 he made the commitment to finally run a marathon. With his love for travel he chose Stockholm Sweden for this 1st endurance event. He ran future marathons in Minneapolis and Disney. In June 2005 his triathlon career was launched at Key Biscayne complete with an utter inability to unclip going into T2 and thus crash. Later that year the race was on to beat his younger brother in Chicago. Mission accomplished. Travel continued to great races such as Bermuda, Escape from Alcatraz, Kona, Minneapolis, Portland, Washington DC, New York, Panama and more. Focusing primarily on olympic distance events he won the five city Lifetime Fitness Finish5 challenge in 2008 and has podiumed in several other sprint and olympic races. In summer 2010 he had a breakthrough 70.3 performance at the distance at the Timberman 70.3 with a sub 5:10 race thanks to some last minute nutrition tips. Donnie also proudly captained the ‘Horny Hero’ team from the BRT in the epic 2012 Hood to Coast Run Relay and was the ringleader for the BRT traveling circus at the 2015 IM Canada.

Secretary: Ed Lawton

Ed LawtonI grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My work moved me to South Florida in 2002.  After nearly 2 decades of gym work-outs and the occasional 5k, I wanted something different.  My boss mentioned a Tri group he bumped into at a Dubliner Happy Hour…I found Boca Tri on the internet in late 2010.  Their photos, calendar of events and scheduled workouts (especially the OWS) were enticing! After completing my first Sprint tri on my mountain bike, I wanted more…

In the last 5 years I’ve participated in all distances (Sprint to IM) solo and as a relay member.  The races allow me to execute the strategy I’ve developed while feeding my competitive edge.  What I like most about this group is the camaraderie that comes along with the training.  I can always find someone to train with and continue to meet new potential training partners. Supporting others in their quest and destination races will be my next evolution!

Treasurer: Ralph Breslaw


Grand Pooba #1/Master Training Coordinator: Todd Kough

TK gator chomp

I am a Florida native that grew up in South Florida playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. In 2009, after completing my MBA I decided I needed to dedicate my new spare time to something other thandrinking beer and eating chicken wings. At 36 years old and weighing 260 lbs, it was time for a change.What started out as getting back to the gym and then doing a little running to lose some weight and beable to complete a local 5K quickly became much more than that. A few months into to this new routinea co-worker told me I should him and another friend of ours at Tradewinds Park for a training day – it was not pretty. A few months later I bought a used road bike on Craig’s List and signed up for the FAUsprint triathlon. One unremarkable race later and I was hooked. After a year of training and racing with just a few friends, I finally joined BRT and the rest has been one crazy ride.

Having completed over 100 races in the last 6 years ranging from Sprint to Ironman Triathlons and 5Ksto Full Marathons and 7 team relay races, the endurance training and racing has truly become a lifestyle.If you are looking for me you can usually find me on the road either running or riding well before the suncomes up, but don’t look for me in the pool (I usually only make it there a few times per year). If you are looking for a consistent early morning run workouts contact me through Facebook and I will add you to“The Bridge” group so you will know when we will be out running – usually starting at 5am on Monday’s and Thursday’s starting at LA Fitness in Deerfield Beach.

Another good spot to find me is at the finish line of a race, if I’m there I usually have a cooler of post race adult refreshment’s nearby. If you are on this site and still looking around trying to decide whether to join the club or not, all I can say is stop wasting time, sign up and it will be the best $40 you have ever spent on triathlon related expenses. The value you receive from the goody bags, the race discounts, the friendships, the happy hours, and everything related to the circus in priceless.

Member Discounts: Tess Vaughan


Race Results: Kathy Potts


Committee Members:

New Member Ambassador: Karen Beech 

Travel and Adventure: Donnie Pingaro

Oceanside 2015

Media Relations:Pablo D. Blanco 

Pablo D Blanco Ironman Athlete

Charity Events Coordinator: Kimberly Peterson


Women For Tri Initiative Coordinator: Junko Kobayashi 

Junko Pic

My name is June Kobayashi, which by my name might be obvious that I am Japanese but actually I was born and raised in Canada. In my youth I had no fear, much to the distress of my parents. I skied like I had no bones to break, rode motorcycles like I was on a race track and drove whatever car I had at the time like it was a Formula One race car. I’m glad I’ve kept that part of me because it allowed me to run 26.2 miles at the age of 40 for the first time. Then after deciding to make it a “fun” activity I did my first marathon race in Hawaii a few weeks after that. I can’t believe I used fun and marathon in the same sentence since endurance was never my forte. Ballet for 18 years and short distance track during high school were not good preparation training for a 1-mile run.

Living in Los Angeles for many years you would think I would have found Triathlon there, but it took a move to Manhattan and some crazy inspiration in the middle of winter, January 2012 to start training. I did my first Sprint race that May with my brand new bike, that I clipped in for the first time 2 weeks earlier, sporting the scar on my knee from the obvious, I came in 4th in my age group and I was hooked. As well, having worked with Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man for almost 18 years now, being around super-heroes dressed in their spandex, the familiarity of triathletes in spandex provided me comfort in times of pre-swim anxiety.

My work as an “executive-for-hire” brought me to Florida where the weather was perfect for #sufferfest training. I’ve done a bunch more races since then; got a couple of place medals, 2nd in a sprint and 3rd in an Olympic. I even joined the BRT Circus for Ironman Canada 226km (140.6 miles for us here) in July 2015, which will forever live in the depths of my memory as the race sent up from the Underworld. Having met the exuberant Boca Tri family, I realized the sport brought more than just the racing. The community that is created by the mutual respect of all the people who take time in their busy lives to share their experiences with others was much different from any other community I’ve experienced. Triathletes want to spread their crazy but in an encouraging yet competitive way. We are not afraid to shout out our successes and we are not afraid to ask for help. We know that we will be acknowledged for our efforts and given tips and guidance from even people we’ve never actually met.

I’ve been trying to get my son (12) and daughter (10), both of whom are superb athletes to even just dip their toes into the TRI waters but that is not to be. So instead, I took a couple of ladies under my wing to share in my crazy. Last year they both completed their first Sprint tri and we are now training for their first 70.3 in June at Raleigh. That inspiration encouraged me to go after the Ironman Women for Tri grant for which we were successful. The next part of my journey begins…

Women for Tri Committee:

Nicole Boger: Owner of  Team Soul Sports, BS in Exercise Physiology, MS in Sport Management 

Nicole Photo

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Boger…and I wear many hats. Mom, Spouse, Coach, Athlete (but not always in that order). I  have a bunch of professional credentials behind my name and have raced everything from a 5ks to Ultra runs and Sprints to Iron Tri’s. But seriously…none of that is important. What I love most is to COACH. Taking this moment to write about myself is tough…but taking a moment to write about my Team is easy. Let’s first talk about my team: Team Soul Sports, LLC is a team of athletes who have Heart and Soul for training and racing. They have drive, determination, and passion. They push each other and they support each other. Although I am the owner of the team, none of it would be possible without my assistant Coaches or our amazing athletes. This is OUR team. Built for every athlete who shows Heart and Soul for the sport and the people in the sport.

My Tri story: I first got started in Triathlon when a friend asked my husband if he wanted to do an Ironman. My husband said “no”, but I said “yes.” Ignore the fact that I had 2 young kids at home and as Helicopter Pilot for the US Coast Guard, my husband was either standing duty, night flying, or deployed for most of the year. In hindsight, I was determined to be an IRONMAN but truly had no idea what that meant. Come race day, my athletic background helped out, and I found the day to be fun and pretty low key. I crossed the line, took a picture, then (in our tradition) I handed the finishers metal to my kids. And then in typical fashion, I went back to the finish line to cheer for the other athletes. You see…what I can do is cool. But what YOU can do is awesome. I find joy in helping other athletes, in seeing their joy and their happy tears as they cross a finish line. The adrenaline and the energy in the air is intoxicating. The COMRADERIE and the friendship that a race brings can last a lifetime. I love that. I live for that. I still actively race, but I do it with zero pressure. Do I want to win? Of course! Am I competitive? Heck yes! But whether I come in first, or come in last truly has no bearing on how I feel. If I give it 100% and do the BEST that I can possibly do, I’m happy. This lifestyle is about so much more than a results board. Heart. Soul. Friendship. Family…but again, not always in that order.

The short story: Mom, Wife, Coach, Athlete, BS in Exercise Physiology, MS in Sport Management, USA Triathlon Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Certified Youth and Junior Coach, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Endurance Coach for the United State Military Endurance Team, a whole bunch of other certifications and what nots,  triathlete, runner, wake surfer, basketball player, yogi, adrenaline junkie, lover of life and all things that make my heart beat just a little bit faster.

Zoe Da Silva

Photo of ZoeAlthough originally from the UK, I have spent the last 12 years in Dubai before moving to South Florida in November 2015. I have always competed in sport events which included ultra marathons, triathlons and various other crazy team events. Having completed a few 70.3, I hope one day to finish a full Ironman.
I have always worked in the fitness industry yet in the last 5 years I have focused more on swimming and running. Recently I decided to consolidate these disciplines and qualified as a Triathlon coach. Having initiated and managed a Run Club in Dubai, my true passion is working with beginners. I find there is no better reward than getting a “new” athlete across a finish line for the first time. Being a mother of 2 young children, I love to teach and motivate others how to make time for themselves and follow their passion.