Our Coaches

Nicole Boger

Nicole good picShe currently holds certifications by:
USA Triathlon (USAT), Level 1
American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
USA Cycling Coach, Level III
USA Track and Field Coach, Level 1
Training Peaks Certified Coach

Nicole Boger is an Ironman triathlete, nutritionist, personal trainer and expert fitness Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Southern Connecticut State University, a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from the University of Connecticut and holds numerous ceritifications in triathlon, personal training & strength and conditioning. She is a member of, and follows the practices and principles of, the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, USA Cycling, & USA Swimming. Nicole has over 15 years of professional experience in coaching, personal training, & strength and conditioning. She held a Tenured Faculty position at the United States Coast Guard Academy where she was responsible for the physical fitness testing, training, and grading of all Cadets and Officer Candidates. She’s taught collegiate level Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Science, Weight Management, Sport Supplement classes, Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning classes, Remedial Swimming and Fitness, and Survival at Sea courses. She has also Coached every age and every skill level of athlete from child, to collegiate athlete, to adult.

If you are interested in coaching or have any questions please contact: https://www.teamsoulsports.com/

Dara Wittenberg

medium2f3788Dara_picUSA Triathlon Level II certified coach
USA Cycling Expert Level Coach
RRCA certified Endurance Running coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist, CISSN
Adjunct instructor, Florida Atlantic University, Exercise Science Department
and IDEA Advanced PFT

“I have been a multi-sport coach since 2001 and have trained hundreds of athletes for whom triathlon, running, biking, swimming, fitness and health must fit into very busy lives. My clientele includes lawyers, doctors, full time mothers, office workers, school teachers, nurses, and entrepreneurs – and every one of them has a jam packed schedule. My goal is to help each athlete strike a balance between training to their maximum potential and balancing all the various aspects of their lives, as well as to provide all the information they need to perform at their best and stay healthy and injury free. Over the years, my clients have done everything from complete their first 5k or sprint triathlon to qualify for the Boston Marathon and win age group awards in Ironman triathlons and National Championships in Jet Ski racing!

I achieved a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology so that I can provide the most current and accurate information and training strategies for my clients. I continuously look for opportunities to learn more about sports training, coaching and general fitness and health so that I may share this knowledge and expertise with my clients. I am truly passionate about coaching and living a healthy and athletic lifestyle.”

If you are interested in coaching or have any questions please contact me at http://www.tricoachdara.com/

Errol Kalayci


  • USAT Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Mentored for 8 years by International Triathlon Coach Lance Watson
  • Licensed Attorney,Real Estate Broker,Contractor
  • World Renowned Scuba Instructor & Explorer – Global Underwater Explorer
  • Top Ranked Clydesdale Triathlete

Errol Kalayci is a successful coach, businessman, lawyer, married father of three young girls and has been involved in competitive sports his entire life. He has a thorough understanding of life’s demands on goal oriented age group triathletes, and posseses the experience and knowledge of how to balance these demands with achieving sport goals. Errol has been involved in endurance sports as a competitive triathlete for over 10 years. During this time, Errol served as Vice President and President of Gold Coast Triathletes, obtained his USAT Coaching certification, and been mentored by National and Olympic coach Lance Watson for over 8 years. Living in South Florida, he currently works with athletes at the Performance level.

Errol’s Philosophy:
To share my knowledge and practical experience in whatever way is necessary for each athlete to not only achieve their dreams, but also maintain a fulfilling and sustainable sport journey that fits their lifestyle. If you are interested in coaching or have any questions contact Errol: http://www.lifesportcoaching.com/coaches.php

Niki Alvarez


Niki is the Head Coach of Women’s Swimming and Women’s Cross Country at Lynn University.  She is a local top performing Age Group triathlete as well. Anyone who has done any clinic with Niki have been extremely satisfied with the clinic and the improvements made to their swimming. If you would like to contact Niki for lessons or have any questions nalvarez@lynn.edu

*** Niki is currently on Maternity Leave





Go! Athletics

Selina pic

The goal of SBT is to provide coaches with a sound platform in which to develop individualized training plans that will achieve intended physiological objectives. SBT provides an advantageous approach to optimizing training by integrating BOTH applied physiology and applied biochemistry in order to provide precise individualization of each training program. The SBT methodology has demonstrated to provide optimized and accelerated physiological and performance responses. Selina Weller, Head Exercise Physiologist. Selina has been part of the GO! Athletics team since 2002. She has worked directly with Shannon, The founder, for over 10 years and performs physiological testing and data application primarily with our South Florida clients but also manages System Based Training implementation for all regions. Selina has also owns a massage therapy practice in South Florida working with athletes of all levels, from recreational and high school runners, cyclists, swimmers, golfers, soccer and tennis players, to ATP tour professionals, NHL, NFL, MLS professionals as well as Olympians such as Dara Torres.

For any questions contact: Selina@systembasedtraining.com

Richard Wygand

RW Pic

Richard is the Head Coach/Owner and Professional Triathlete.

He started his sports life at a very young age, starting with skateboarding where he learned how to stand up with 2 years old. At 12 years of age, Richard started playing basketball competitively in Brazil and as part of preparation for basketball, he started to run. He did his first road race at 15. With 17 years of age, Richard stopped basketball and did 2 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After that, Richard took a wrong turn and got really unhealthy. In 2004, in order to get in shape, he started to train with a triathlon doing his first race in August 2004—a half ironman in 5 hours and 41 minutes. Since then he never stopped, and now he trains 30 hours plus a week chasing a Kona spot in the professional field and has completed 17 ironmans, and more than 17 half-ironman

Richard studied exercise science in Brazil and he is also a nutrition specialist (eCornell Plant based certified and Primal Certified (in progress)). Richard’s first experience with coaching was in 2004 when he became the track and field assistant coach of his professor at Universidade Gama Filho. Also in 2004, Richard joined N-Body team (triathlon and running) as a coach. After that, Richard worked at Training Bible coaching until 2008 when then he founded RW Training. Since then, Richard has helped more than 50 athletes to go from ground zero to ironman, more than 15 Boston qualifiers, 70.3 Championship qualifiers, and more than 150 middle of the pack to age group winners.

For any questions contact Coach Rich at: rich@rwtraining.net