Cocoa Elite


Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are a big part of our lives but cycling tops the list. We experimented with many different endurance, strength and recovery products but we were never fully satisfied. We simply couldn’t find a great tasting, high quality product. We found most products on the market had additives, preservatives and just didn’t taste great. They also had a gritty texture and significant aftertaste.

Our quest to find a great tasting, healthy alternative led us to create Cocoa Elite. We thought about what tastes great, and quickly determined we would start with something that we love, chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Our search for a chocolate based product helped us to gain a deeper knowledge of cocoa. On our journey we learned that not all chocolate is produced the same way. Our research into the cocoa plant led us to become obsessed with the cocoa flavanol component of the cocoa bean. Cocoa flavanols are what make chocolate so unique and healthy. Not only is it tasty but cocoa is really good for you.

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