Mighty Mujer Triathlon


Mighty Mujer began with the launch in late 2010 of a calendar featuring women with their bikes.  From that collaboration, Mighty Mujer Triathlon was born. Mighty Mujer Triathlon was to be an all-female triathlon, benefiting the Center Against Family Violence.

In 2012, the first Mighty Mujer Triathlon hosted 350 participants.  Since then, the event has grown, introducing thousands of women to triathlon.  For many, the race has become a rite of passage.  Longtime triathletes return each year to experience the Mighty Mujer Triathlon spirit, race a challenging course, and cheer for others along the way. Participants span all backgrounds, ages, and athletic abilities.  With the addition of Tucson (and other locations in the works!), Mighty Mujer Triathlon aims to grow the  triathlon community and empower women triathletes every step of the way.