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Performance Aquatics (PAQ)

Performance Aquatics (PAQ) is a year-round, competitive USA Swimming club, which addresses the individualized training needs of highly motivated and elite athletes. Through expert one-on-one coaching, disciplined high performance training, and extraordinary focus on technique, PAQ provides swimmers the opportunity and multi-dimensional support necessary to ... More

Fieldwork Nutrition

Field Work Nutrition Co. Develops products for a community of likeminded people that value living a healthy vibrant life by eating well and pursuing their athletic and active passions “in the field.” We believe in "fueling the stoke" and living a vibrant life in the field. That may mean training for the punishment of the Queen K highway at Ironman ... More

Chris Hoch Choice Mortgage Bank

Since 1995, Choice Mortgage Bank has been providing Floridians with the best real estate financing programs available. Learn more at:     http://choicemortgagebankinc.com/?fbclid=IwAR0Y97pDRpaWLMy8CV5yXzlBusNmSXiYrlRH1sHn0KKi_GEPctC9AYehbGg or e-mail  rhoch@choicemortgagebankinc.com More

Gregory’s Fine Jewlery

Gregory’s Fine Jewelry is a full-service store proudly serving Delray Beach and the surrounding communities since 2005. We believe in treating our customers with respect, honesty, and integrity. That means fair prices and a team that is always happy to help you find what you are looking for. Our inventory includes fine jewelry and watch brands for every ... More

En Vogue Fashion

Best Boutique in South Florida. Leah is amazing and her store always has the latest in trends! More

Cocoa Elite

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are a big part of our lives but cycling tops the list. We experimented with many different endurance, strength and recovery products but we were never fully satisfied. We simply couldn’t find a great tasting, high quality product. We found most products on the market had additives, preservatives and just didn’t taste ... More


Are you a doctor and run your own practice? Avanmed brings more patients to your practice while you focus on what matters most- your patients.  Monitor and track your success live, benchmark your services and track progress while we build a strong brand behind your practice. Benefits Our experts build advertising content relevant to your practic... More

Sonja Friend-Uhl: The Running Warrior

A World-Class Athlete, Sonja Friend-Uhl has helped other people reach their running & fitness goals since 1994.  She is the founder and operator of two successful businesses, Fit with Sonja (a fitness & nutrition consulting company) and her online running coaching business, www.SonjaRuns.com. Sonja holds Personal Training & Health Coach ... More

Susan J. Brotman, P.A.

Ms. Brotman specializes in looking at the big picture and rendering advice that is realistic and practical, with all options explained in plain and simple terms that are easy to understand. She truly is, "The Lawyer who Listens™." Whether it be an individual matter or a business issue, Ms. Brotman’s clients experience a sense of calm and resolve, ... More

Rico Valley Foods

Rico Valley Foods is a  family owned & operated independent food importer & distributor in the  south florida region, We have been in the food business for over a decade. Through the years, we have managed to thrive due to our strong commitment to good old fashioned hard work, customer service, quality, and integrity. This commitment to service ... More